Village View Christian Academy serves Marion County families with students in kindergarten through 12th grade.
Welcome to Village View Christian Academy!  We strive to create a brighter future for today's youth.  We are a K-12 Christian Private School.  God continues to bless us every year with amazing students and faculty living for the purpose of serving God.  We have a unique learning approach that set's us apart from other private and public schools.  We are currently accredited through the Florida League of Christian School's and have a 98% Graduation Rate with an 80% college placement rate.  We are here to help our students and community make an impact on the world for Jesus Christ. 
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email: k12info@villageviewchristianacademy.com
Our Commitment to Excellence
At VVCA, we have taken deliberate and meaningful steps to be aware and accountable. We are committed to offering you truth and respect in all that we do.  We strive to thoughtfully and creatively offer solutions for a safer, more secure, and supportive school.   

Student Code of Conduct


  • I will comply with the rules and policies of Village View Christian Academy.

  • I will support all educational and Christian values established by Village View Christian Academy.

  • I will be a good citizen both at school and in my community.

  • I will respect those given authority over me.

  • I will respect myself, others and the property of the school and community.

  • I will speak the truth and be honest.

  • I will always uphold academic integrity.

  • I will use good judgement and sound reasoning.

  • I will be mindful and responsible for how I speak and communicate with others.

  • I will assume all responsibility for my attitude and actions. 

  • I will live a life that represents Biblical teaching, morals and standards.

Our History
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VVCA K-12 was founded in 2013 by Pastor Marty & Ronda Shea.  Starting out with only a Kindergarten, we now have over 200 students in grades K - 12th.