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Student Conduct Information


Our Student Code of Conduct

  • I will comply with the rules and policies of Village View Christian Academy.

  • I will support all educational and Christian values established by Village View Christian Academy.

  • I will be a good citizen both at school and in my community.

  • I will respect those given authority over me.

  • I will respect myself, others and the property of the school and community.

  • I will speak the truth and be honest.

  • I will always uphold academic integrity.

  • I will use good judgement and sound reasoning.

  • I will be mindful and responsible for how I speak and communicate with others.

  • I will assume all responsibility for my attitude and actions. 

  • I will live a life that represents Biblical teaching, morals and standards.

Student Dress Code

Coming Soon!

Thank you for your patience.

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